Hi there! Can I request a Kris angst scenario? You can have complete leeway of what it would be about, please and thank you!

Just A Regular Girl.

You got some shocking news at your last check up. You went in originally for a fever, and found out you were expecting. Nine weeks, you were nine weeks. You weren’t sure if you were happy or not to be honest. You and Kris haven’t been dating very long, just almost close to a year. You felt like it was too soon. You didn’t know how he would react to the news seeing as he’s been so distant and busy lately with promotions. Of course you had to tell him about it though, but you wanted to tell him in person, not over the phone.


W-what do you mean?”, you stuttered, staring at Kris.

He took a deep breath and prepared to explain everything again.

The company, they want me to break up with you. News got out that we’re dating. The fans aren’t taking too kindly to it, at all. Well, some fans actually support us and I appreciate that but there are a lot that don’t since you’re ‘just a regular girl’, as they said”.

But we knew the consequences when we started dating”, you replied quietly.

I know but, the fans, the obsessive ones, they’re starting to get worse and worse. They’ve even started sending threats to the company and to me. They said they’d hurt you, and that’s something I can’t let happen”, he responded, holding onto your hands, eyes and voice full of sadness.

But I—”, you bit your lip and stopped yourself.

You held your tongue. With this sudden situation, you decided you wouldn’t tell him after all. He looked at you, waiting for you to finish.

No, never mind. It’s for the best. I don’t want to be the person to ruin and crush your career or put you in any sort of danger”, you said sadly.

He looked at you apologetically and pulled you into a tight hug, kissing your forehead.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving you. Not by a long shot. It’s just something I have to do to protect the person I love…


Today, you were officially six months. To celebrate you decided to treat yourself to some dessert and maybe a nice, new sun dress. You decided to go dress shopping first. You didn’t want to feel all bloated and uncomfortably full while trying on clothes. While you were looking around the clothing store. You heard a name on the radio that caught your attention.

“Kris of EXO and Victoria of f(x) have finally publicly announced that they’ve been dating for a little over two months now”.

After hearing that, before you had a chance to react, you felt your baby kick hard enough to physically feel outside your stomach for the first time.

You would kick after hearing your daddy’s name huh?”, you said softly, rubbing your belly.

So it was okay to date as long as it wasn’t a ‘regular girl’ like me…”, you mumbled under your breath.

Honestly, hearing that news put you in a bad mood.You didn’t want to shop anymore.You decided to go get something sweet to eat. Cake would make you happy right now.


After you got your cake and drink, you sat down and slouched a little, placing the plate on top of your belly. The baby was kicking up a storm. It was amusing you to see the plate jump up and down from his little kicks. Just with something as simple as that, your bad mood was gone. You ate the cake slowly, enjoying the atmosphere.

Wow, you didn’t waste any time after the last time we saw each other huh?”, somebody suddenly said, chuckling a bit.

You quickly grabbed the plate and sat up. It was Kris and Victoria.

I-I could say the same”, you stammered.

You were surprised to see him here. He just had to be with his new girlfriend too, didn’t he?

So who’s this?”, Victoria asked politely, smiling at you.

She’s just an old friend”, Kris quickly answered.

…An old friend huh?

I’m ______, nice to meet you. I’m a really big fan”, you said, introducing yourself, bowing a little.

Thank you, I’m flattered”, she replied, slightly bowing back.

You look so cute pregnant! How far along are you? If you don’t mind me asking”, she added.

Yeah, how far along are you? So I can know when to send you a baby shower gift. Do you know if you’re having a little boy or a little girl?”, Kris asked, putting his arm around her shoulders.

Your heart ached a bit upon seeing that. You hesitated a little, looking at Kris and then back at her.

I’m having a little boy…I just hit the six month mark today…

You saw Kris’ face drop from realization. His arm slid off of her shoulders and hit his side with a slight thud.

S-six m-months?

— sorry if it’s not very angsty. :/

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